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I love riding bikes

  • 65.5mi
  • 5,031ft
  • 3:27:48
    Moving Time
  • 2,908


  1. Marco B.
    Marco B.

    unstoppable! nice work.

  2. Paul M.
    Paul Marshall

    Pure awesomeness Colin!!!!!!

  3. Twin B.
    Twin B.


  4. Twin B.
    Twin B.

    I mean seriously, hot damn.

  5. Twin B.
    Twin B.

    Meanwhile, on CP's computer:

  6. Chris P.
    Chris Phipps

    Nice ride! Amazingly, even though you took like 20 KOMs on Montebello, I still seem to have a few (probably due to poor segment matching).

  7. Twin B.
    Twin B.

    The bottom of Montebello is notorious for this... It's why I'll have to be at least a hundred seconds faster than my old PR to beat it, as far as Strava is concerned!

  8. Menso D.
    Menso de Jong

    I hope you left something in the tank for Pescadero after this performance!

  9. Get To Ze Choppa !.
    Get To Ze Choppa !.

    LOL! Really fast of course.

  10. Colin D.
    Colin D.

    @Menso - I hope so too! I should be fine - this was a tuneup and the legs seem to be working ;)

  11. Tommy ..
    Tommy ..

    Change your name to Mr KOM. Seriously.

  12. Menso D.
    Menso de Jong

    I'd hardly call a 25 minute LT effort a "tune up", so good luck!

  13. Colin D.
    Colin D.

    ehh I've got 60 hrs and counting to recover.. the Tour guys do it 21 days straight, right? ;)

  14. Super F.
    Super F.


  15. Daniel C.
    Daniel Connelly

    http://www.lowkeyhillclimbs.com/2015/week1 Get this KOM back?

  16. Colin D.
    Colin D.

    ooh tempting but i just am coming back from a crash.. not in shape and not pushing it tmw! enjoy

  17. Daniel C.
    Daniel Connelly

    Heal well, then!. Some strong riders showing up (Phipps and Tim Aiken the obvious 2). Maybe a later one, then...