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Jamie Junker

Canmore, Alberta, Canada
  • 1
    Activity in 2018
  • 2.5
    kilometers Run in 2018
  • 386

Soggy Middle Sister

Run May 11, 2016
  • 16.8km
  • 1,448m
  • 3:40:05
    Moving Time
  • 13:01/km
    Avg Pace
  • 2,394
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  1. Oleg T.
    Oleg T.

    Wow, winter's back. Jamie, how bad is the trail ? No trail at all, after the flood?

  2. John Santos
    John Santos

    So do you do any work?! :p

  3. Jamie Junker
    Jamie Junker

    Mr. santos I'll have you know I work full time downtown Calgary!! Make some major sacrifices to get out as often as I do!!!!

  4. Jamie Junker
    Jamie Junker

    Oleg we made it out of there just in time ha ha! Not much of a trail compared to pre flood but it's not that bad, very similar to cougar, exshaw and Jura creek, we were able to run little bits on the way out

  5. John Santos
    John Santos

    Well, I appreciate your sacrifices because you provide some sweet pics, useful beta, and inspiration for some epic trips!

  6. Jamie Junker
    Jamie Junker

    Glad to hear it John :) it's worth it, will catch up on sleep in a couple decades ;)

  7. Mike Giuffre
    Mike Giuffre

    That must have been you guys we saw coming down from middle sister yesterday. There were 5 of us and a dog

  8. Jamie Junker
    Jamie Junker

    Hi Mike, we passed one other couple about half way up but saw noone else, did you do Middle Sis yesterday too?! Surprised at all the tracks leading right up to the summit

  9. Mike Giuffre
    Mike Giuffre

    We must have seen the other couple then. Yeah 5 of us did it yesterday morning so that was where all the tracks came from. Some nasty weather was rolling in on our way down

  10. Jamie Junker
    Jamie Junker

    Awesome job man! Thanks for breaking trail ;) yeah tell me about the weather...ha ha!!


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