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On the road to west monroe Ride

  • 31.9mi
  • 576ft
  • 4:35:40
    Moving Time
  • 3,746


  1. Thomas R.
    Thomas Reilly

    Solid work man! Keep it up

  2. Mike C.
    Mike Chambers

    How did the upgrades and your seat perform? Nice job today.

  3. Kenny J.
    Kenny Johnson

    Way to go Eric getting some good miles!!

  4. Tony R.
    Tony R.

    Good overall distance. As usual, done in the most inefficient manner possible resulting in a 3.3mph overall average ... over 9 hrs 40 mins elapsed with the bulk of that time in the heat of the day ... but you got your miles. There are wiser ways of doing this.

  5. Clint S.
  6. John N.
    John Nilan

    He's faster then you Tony ;) good work Eric forget the haters and the teachers

  7. Tony R.
    Tony R.

    John, interesting that you separate "haters" and "teachers". Wise people seek to learn from those with things to teach. Your comments lacks wisdom.

    If Eric doesn't start maximizing the cooler periods of the day and get the bike set up to maximize its mechanical advantages he is risking injury. The more time the RV spends idling on the side of the road to run the one working AC, the greater the risk of mechanical failure. Shade becomes scarce in Texas. The heat is only going to increase over the next few months.

  8. John N.
    John Nilan

    I think if anything he's maximizing his calorie burning riding during the day. Good job Eric, stay hydrated my friend

  9. Dominic M.
    Dominic M.

    Great work Eric, nice to see you are managing to increase your average distances without too much pain.
    I've been surprised how flat the roads have been on your route recently, over here in Ireland I would be lucky to find a 100 yard stretch without a noticeable change in elevation :-)
    Keep safe, enjoy yourself and make sure you put yourself and your family first - that is much more important than any of us watching your progress online.

  10. Daniel P.
    Daniel P.

    Haters are going to Hate, But from what I see, this is the first time you have encountered any real hills and you didn't do too bad with them!

    Keep it up!

  11. Tony R.
    Tony R.

    John, external heat doesn't maximize caloric burn.

  12. Dominic M.
    Dominic M.

    Not a hater, just a little jealous

  13. Jim W.
    jim W

    Some good distance. I'm curious why you are heading straight north, when other routes could have given you some westerly progress.

  14. Eric H.
    Eric H.

    Visiting a church in monroe

  15. Justin B.
    Justin Bliss

    Great job. I would disregard any advice from people you don't personally know or doesn't have credentials. You're doing fine.

  16. Allen D.
    Allen Dixson

    Great job Eric.. Definitely stay hydrated!

  17. Tony R.
    Tony R.

    I thought that you said before that the reasoning for West Monroe was to meet the Robertson family from Duck Dynasty.

  18. Red G.
    Red Gibbs

    West is that-a-way... <<<<<------

  19. Tom P.
    Tom Peach

    Boom 50k! Well done Eric!