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This ride looks a lot like 3/24/12, eh?

  • 15.1mi
  • 213ft
  • 1:18:46
    Moving Time
  • 17
    Suffer Score


  1. Becky Baumeister

    OK, that makes me feel better about my 18 miles.

  2. Fred H.

    From looking at your easy days I've come to the conclusion that my recovery days are probably too hard.

  3. Isaac Sheets

    I defiantly need to work on recovery days. Since my real rides are peanuts compared to yours then my recovery should probably also be peanuts to your recovery ride.

  4. Joe H.

    Ted recovery wise would an off day with no riding work pretty similar to a light ride like this or is there training value (beyond fun) to a casual ride.

  5. Nathan O.

    ^ there definately is a benefit to active* recovery vs not riding

  6. Stephanie B.

    What's with your speed in the middle? Were you walking your bike around while drinking your espresso?