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Ryan Phelan

Westport, Massachusetts
  • 0
    Activities in 2019
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    miles Ridden in 2019
  • 26

Lunch Ride

Ride May 14, 2016
  • 39.3mi
  • 1,529ft
  • 2:06:18
    Moving Time
  • 1,593
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  1. Ray Mulveny 🐶
    Ray Mulveny 🐶

    Took me down on king...you suck lol

  2. Ray Mulveny 🐶
    Ray Mulveny 🐶

    Nice ride bro

  3. Ryan Phelan
    Ryan Phelan

    The wind took you down ....I'm innocent:-). I probably only surged once....on King St lol.

  4. Ray Mulveny 🐶
    Ray Mulveny 🐶

    Yeah like I did it with a headwind haha nice job

  5. Ray Mulveny 🐶
    Ray Mulveny 🐶

    In my humble opinion that Old Stone Church climb is the hardest son of a bitch maybe it's the run into it or the grade

  6. Ray Mulveny 🐶
    Ray Mulveny 🐶

    It's also the one I want the kom the most lol

  7. Ryan Phelan
    Ryan Phelan

    Thanks ray ...I'm finally feeling some strength...what did lemond say there is no easier only faster. Always a struggle lol

  8. Ray Mulveny 🐶
    Ray Mulveny 🐶

    I think I got a 2.16 in me this year on it haha

  9. Ryan Phelan
    Ryan Phelan

    100 % agree it's the run in and deceptive length. Old harbor is similar but old church at that false flat/incline by that little farm slows down any momentum. That and the effort to get to a decent speed or rhythm softens you up or at least me so I never feel good going up that thing. Funny to hear you say it cause I've always thought it

  10. Ryan Phelan
    Ryan Phelan

    I got 11mins today cause I stopped at liquor store for lighter and I bumped into guy getting married today. Shocking....we talked for a bit.


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