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Everest for August

  • 238.0km
  • 9,114m
  • 14:59:40
    Moving Time
  • 8,932
  • 379
    Relative Effort


  1. Henning Van Wyk

    Well done man!!

  2. James Williams


  3. 'Dale Pyl

    Hamster you're a champ!

  4. Nico Van Zyl

    Huge! Well done Ham!

  5. Hein Herbst

    Massive effort! Well done!

  6. Riaan B.

    Well done bro!! You were great out there!

  7. Calvin Moore (Pure Savage)

    Top notch stuff there Ham. Did you not have to contend with extremely rough winds at all? That's the reason we changed the place we went Everesting a few months ago.

  8. Joachim Barnard

    Well done dude!

  9. HAM !

    Thanks dudes, most of you were even there to make the journey easier. @Calvin this climb couldn't be done in summer, the wind and heat would make it near impossible.

  10. Andy van Bergen :: HELLS 500

    Oh yeah Ham - this is brilliant to see! This one is up in the www.everesting.cc hall of fame with your other. Congrats!

  11. HAM !

    Thanks Andy

  12. Matt Jones

    Hama. You are a man possessed. Well done!!