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Long tempo run. LOL.

  • 61.2mi
  • 14,288ft
  • 10:16:26
    Moving Time
  • 10:16/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 9,408


  1. Kirra Hopp

    Who HOO! You rock! Rockstar!

  2. Rosemary S.

    Congrats Johnny! You're amazing.

  3. Dominick Layfield

    Not too shabby for an off-the-couch run.

  4. Big Johnny Burton (runner)

    More like "off the bike", but thanks Dominick :)

  5. Fazmin Nizam

    Congratulations on your tempo run.

  6. Vitor Rodrigues

    Congrats! Sorry to have missed it.

  7. Mike Helms

    Wow dude, that's some efficiency!

  8. Mitch LeBlanc

    Nice title. Good work.

  9. Ashley N.

    great job!

  10. JJ Liston

    Amazing John B!

  11. Sunny SunDuk Kim

    Great job!!! Congratulations!

  12. Nina Giraudo 🌄🦋

    Good seeing you at Bald Mountain. You were full of smiles!

  13. Big Johnny Burton (runner)

    Lord Didsbury, good to hear from you! Long time, no talk. I hope all is well!

  14. Steve Patt

    Just as impressive as the overall time is some of those splits (Barlow Rd. just to name one). Damned impressive.

  15. Big Johnny Burton (runner)

    Hey, thanks Steve!

  16. Will Swenson

    Fierce. Congrats!

  17. Stuart Taylor

    You didn't really do 25k of vert this week, did you? I think you doubled up on some training runs. Awesome race, BTW! Your unorthodox training seems to work for you!

  18. Big Johnny Burton (runner)

    Thanks Stuart. I deleted the duplicates. I usually record my runs with my phone as primary and Garmin 910xt as back up in case something goes wrong. But I used the Garmin for Quicksilver and forgot to delete the other activities first. Fixed now.

  19. Stuart Taylor

    That would have been a _really_ impressive race if you already had 12k for the week in your legs! Just plain old impressive instead!