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Fear the Deer Half Marathon - 3rd OA female :)

  • 12.6mi
  • 2,724ft
  • 2:02:04
    Moving Time
  • 9:41/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 1,320


  1. Meredith R.
    Meredith R.

    Awesome job! Some big climbs you had there in the beginning! 3rd lady is fantastic!

  2. Kristin R.
    Kristin R.

    Thanks!! My climbing legs felt a bit sluggish today too. This is a challenging course!

  3. Kristin R.
    Kristin R.

    Got pretty hot out there too, 80* and sunny!!

  4. Meredith R.
    Meredith R.

    That's pretty toasty for first thing in the morning!

  5. Scott S.
    Scott Stanley Ⓥ (Tower Runner)

    Awesome way to go Kristin!

  6. William B.
    William Bouldin

    Great job Kristin!

  7. Jeff D.
    Jeff D.

    Woo hoo!!! PODIUM!!!!! Way to go, K!!!

  8. Jeff D.
    Jeff D.

    Some nice Strava "Crownage" - as well.

  9. Kristin R.
    Kristin R.

    Thanks guys!! They gave out deer antlers to 1st and 2nd place so Im actually glad I got 3rd. Not sure how I'd react to getting antlers as an award. Unique but not my kinda thing :)

  10. Kristin J.
    Kristin J.


  11. Kristin R.
    Kristin R.

    Thanks Kristin :)

  12. Jeff D.
    Jeff D.

    Antlers! Ugh! So you actually would have won, but you waited in the Haha bushes for 2 other women to pass before crossing the finish line. ;)

  13. Jeff D.
    Jeff D.

    ^ the haha was supposed to be at the end. I swear it jumped!

  14. Kristin R.
    Kristin R.

    lurking in the bushes, that's me! hahaha :)

  15. Jeff D.
    Jeff D.

    You and most people are probably more likely to detour to the bushes for other reasons, but probably just in longer distance races. LOL!