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Heather Irmiger

Boulder, CO
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MTB Flagstaff, Walker, Gap Rd, Mag 03/29/2012 Boulder, CO

Ride March 29, 2012
  • 49.0mi
  • 6,776ft
  • 3:52:34
    Moving Time
  • 2,634
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  1. Heather Irmiger
    Heather Irmiger

    One of my favorite big rides on the mountain bike - mix of pavement, singletrack, dirt roads...and a s@it ton of climbing!

  2. Ed Warner
    Ed Warner

    Heather, how do you carry enough water/fuel for a long loop training ride like this?

  3. Heather Irmiger
    Heather Irmiger

    Hey Ed - there is almost always a gas station or something on the big routes like this. On this ride, right around hour 2, I hit up some water at a station just before turning up Twin Spruce. Other than that, my pockets are full of bars and bananas :)

  4. Ed Warner
    Ed Warner

    Ah yes, I forget there are more people and services there! You would have to plan carefully for a 50-mile loop in the mountains of MT to refuel. See you again at Missoula XC! Good luck this year. Thanks for joining Strava and giving us social media/MTB geeks one more way to follow you.


  • Ryan Bunge
  • @  truemarmalade 👍🏼