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Comrades Marathon 2016

  • 56.1mi
  • 4,289ft
  • 9:16:19
    Moving Time
  • 10:11/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 6,445


  1. David C.
    David C.

    Wow amazing, congrats!!! :O

  2. Rich M.
    Rich Mendelowitz

    Totally awesome. Congrats!!!

  3. J. Mac Kenzie 7.
    J. Mac Kenzie 7.

    Nice work!!! Very impressive! Congrats!

  4. Andrew S.
    Andrew Simpson

    That's really cool!

  5. Anna T.
    Anna T.

    So badass! Congrats!

  6. Mike K.
    Mike Kelley


  7. Matt D.
    Matt Deters

    Great job Amanda! I could not run that far!

  8. Kiran G.
    Kiran G.

    Awesome race, congrats!

  9. Elizabeth C.
    Elizabeth C.


  10. Jen D.
    Jen Dreyer

    So proud and excited for you both!

  11. David F.
    David Fink

    Congrats to you both.Awesome job

  12. James B.
    James Brinsfield


  13. Ginger L.
    Ginger Liechty-Kelly

    Rock Star!! Congratulations :)

  14. Ben R.
    Ben Rubenstein

    Nice!!! Congratulations!

  15. Dan F.
    Dan F.

    Yay, great job! Congrats!

  16. Michael R.
    Michael Rohlf

    Wow, that is so long

  17. Chinyere O.
    Chinyere Obasi

    World class! Outstanding!!!!

  18. Westley F.
    Westley Forsythe


  19. Amanda H.
    Amanda H.

    Thanks, everyone! I never want to run down another hill ever again.

  20. Esther W.
    Esther W.

    Yihaaa...YOU DID IT!!! Congrats!!!!

  21. Andreas S.
    Andreas Schoenherr

    I knew you could do this!well done!

  22. Sayed R.
    Sayed R.

    Congrats...crazy champ :)))

  23. Jeffrey K.
    Jeffrey K.

    Life goals AMAZING!

  24. Gretchen L.
    Gretchen L.

    You did it!!!!!!!!! Amazing!

  25. Adam L.
    Adam Lesser

    Awesome job!

  26. Matt D.
    Matt D.

    Awesome effort :)

  27. Keith F.
    Keith Freeburn

    Whoa! Comrades!! So cool. Congrats.

  28. Brad M.
    Brad M.

    Well done, Amanda. Great stuff!

  29. Smilin' S.
    Smilin' Sasquatch

    Amazing time! Congratulations!!!!

  30. Daniel Z.
    Daniel Z.

    Powerful run. Great job Amanda.

  31. Adam S.
    Adam S.

    Wow, what an accomplishment! Congrats!

  32. Stephen E.
    Stephen Easley

    We bow in your general direction due to unworthiness!

  33. Dennis A.
    Dennis A.

    Crazy!!! Crazy!!! Crazy!!!