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Comrades number 7 - down run. Great for 90 mins, 30k of coughing fits, sped up to end for 68th and 6:25. Loved it.

  • 55.6mi
  • 3,553ft
  • 6:25:30
    Moving Time
  • 6:56/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 7,153


  1. Bruce D.

    Very nicely done!

  2. Raul Engle

    Nice Bruh!

  3. Warren Kidgell

    Congrats Ian. Can't believe how you pulled this out the bag after I saw you coughing and spluttering at about 35km. Unfortunately I was unable to hang tough enough and lost a lot of time in the last 30km for a mildly disappointing 6:39.

  4. Ian Sharman

    Warren, nice work still - that's a solid time and you'll be able to go faster when you have that perfect day. It's not just about getting fitter/faster but how well you execute, of course.

  5. Yann Rictus

    How does a human hold that pace for 90km ? You pros are astonishing beasts... (Big kudos !)

  6. Jacob Adamiec

    Wow! What a pace!

  7. Kim Wrinkle

    Awesome, Ian! :)

  8. Rami Ghandour

    Congrats Ian!

  9. Dale Peterson

    Great job! Congratulations, cough and all!

  10. Chris DeNucci

    Tough SOB! Congrats dude!

  11. Olaf Heijnen

    Congrats. Great run.

  12. Chris P.

    What?!!! This is insanely impressive! Holding a pace like that on flat ground for 55 miles is unfathomable. What you did is, I guess, unfathomably unfathomable? There are no words for this. Congrats!

  13. Athreya C.

    Nicely done Ian!

  14. Nick Pawley

    Great job Ian.