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Wildcats, Carters, Wild River Loop

  • 32.4mi
  • 11,477ft
  • 8:02:38
    Moving Time
  • 14:52/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 5,685


  1. Dennis Muhonen

    Wow, this looks like a great loop!

  2. Greg L.


  3. Jason B.

    Recovery run?.....

  4. Jeff Hunt

    You weren't kidding about getting in some miles!

  5. Jeff L.

    That's a looooooong run.

  6. Thomas Graves

    Show off

  7. Tim Finocchio

    How is Black Angel?

  8. Jim Roche

    That looks like a blast. I did a 10-miler at Carter a few years back- just wished I'd had more time...

  9. Greg Rossolimo

    Wow, awesome loop! Nice job!

  10. Brad W.

    Great loop!

  11. Rob Bond


  12. Thom G.

    Inspiring. Adding this to the "to do" list.

  13. Gaston F.

    Beautiful loop and impressive performance!

  14. Steven Saffo

    Wow, nice milage!

  15. Greg Doran

    Wow! Pretty Epic! Is that an FKT?

  16. Justin Contois

    Solid, mt man!

  17. Seth Acton

    Holy damn.

  18. Jesse Veinotte

    Thanks everyone! Felt goo through most of it, lots of fun exploring some new areas.

  19. Jesse Veinotte

    @Tim, black angel was run coming up, much better going down I'm sure. Wasn't too pleasant today at Mile 20 though.

  20. Arthur Besse

    I don't have words for this.

  21. Rob L.