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Dorset Gravel Dash 100

  • 158.3km
  • 2,144m
  • 9:14:49
    Moving Time
  • 5,642


  1. Andy Dickson Ⓥ #Vegan

    Was awesome mate!

  2. Kirill Sharikov (Fixed 44x17)

    How did you manage to loose Jez???))

  3. Andy Dickson Ⓥ #Vegan

    Lol we lost Tony as he followed a group of riders who took a wrong turn. Then ages later we had to do a single track mtb loop and Jez missed the turn and got lost. At the end of the loop Tony rocked up. Totally nuts day all around!

  4. Padhraic O' Connor

    Sounds awesome, so gutted I missed this! Next year....?

  5. Jeff G.

    Top stuff. The video is AWESOME!! I particularly loved the bit where Tony threw his bike down right at the end, I think that gesture alone, summarised the whole event for him! ;-)

  6. Andy Dickson Ⓥ #Vegan

    haha thanks Jeff, yeah it was a lot of fun but at no point did i want to swtich bikes with tony lol.

    Padhraic, there is an even more crazy event like this in Oct called the Bear Bones 200. Its a 200km off road audax style ride with 6+km of ascent! You know its crazy when they state "everyone must carry; Sleeping bag, Bivvy bag or a tent or a tarp, F & R lights and Mobile phone"!Time limit 36hrs. You fancy it?

  7. Jeff G.

    36 hours for 200km???? f*ck that. You know it's going to be brutal when the "normal" time for an Audax 200k is 13-14 hours!! :O

  8. Padhraic O' Connor

    Sounds like good craic, and I think I'm free that weekend! The only route is a gpx file though. I think I'd prefer the challenge of way marked OS maps. Ah well.

  9. Andy Dickson Ⓥ #Vegan

    Lol I love the fact u want it to be more of a challenge! Awesome, places are up for grabs on the 1st July. Will keep u posted