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Rockwell Relay Leg 6 - Boulder Mountain (took wrong turn and saved by another team's sag vehicle)

  • 44.4mi
  • 4,112ft
  • 2:24:26
    Moving Time
  • 2,358


  1. Troy H.

    I specifically warmed our rider about this turn you missed. Others have missed it in the past. That cost you 12 mins on time. 2:12 for this leg (if you hadn't gotten lost) is very impressive time. Way to rock it. You team was pretty solid all around and it showed by placement. I would have expected you guys to place a few higher like 10 - 12th. After I get done Strava stalking your team to get split times I guess I see where you lost such placement.

  2. Brandon Storrs

    Troy, it was frustrating to say the least. They need to mark the turn a little better and I needed to review the course better. I thought it was great climb. It was fun to do in the dark.