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'LEJOG' - ElliptiGO End 2 End Ride Across Britain (ride report in the comments).

  • 848.6mi
  • 36,306ft
  • 91:26:15
    Moving Time
  • 23,968


  1. James M.

    Oh my!

  2. Phil W.

    Hugely impressive. Congratulations!

  3. Stuart Blofeld

    Looking at the elevation profile Idai that is indeed an extremely tough last 200!!! But then it is Scotland. An exceptional performance my friend from a truly exceptional person! So well deserved. Now rest... get off FB, messenger and Strava and go to bed

  4. David K.

    Boom! Mega ride.

  5. Matthew S.

    Congratulation awsome!

  6. Jules Williams

    You are AMaZing. Fantastic achievement Idai

  7. Bill P.

    Absolutely Awesome Idai! Well done! Get some much needed rest!

  8. Warren S.

    Well done Idai! I was a bit worried when the bottom bracket went - I think we were lucky to find a replacement - Phil and Billy did a lot of ringing around.

  9. Duncan Gardner

    Congratulations! An epic achievement.

  10. Peter Rees

    A great achievement! Congratulations. Inspirational.

  11. Toby C.

    Congratulations! Brilliant achievement. Well done.

  12. The Chris G.

    Words fail me. Truly outstanding.

  13. Barry D.

    Wow! Well done

  14. Andy Nuttall

    Well done Idai!!!! Tomorrow you will be home with your family! Fantastic achievement Iddi!

  15. Va Voom ⛈.

    Congratulations! One of my riding friends was just saying he had just hit 1,000 miles for the year and you almost hit that over 3 days, nice!

  16. Bob C.

    Trying to make PBP look easy Idai!! Nicely done, chapeau!

  17. Ellipti - Goat

    Wowzers.... :)
    Incredible job Idai, super congrats to you!!!

  18. Rick Bienias * Descenders

    Extraordinary, Idai.

  19. Joolz W.

    Epic ride Idai

  20. Andy C.

    Brilliant following your progress...inspirational. Chapeau Idai.

  21. Marcel Smit

    Wow man !! What a great achievement, just incredible!! BIG BIG BIG KUDOS !!

  22. Glyn W.

    you did fantastic

  23. Jason B.

    Well done Idai!!

  24. Paul C.

    Well done pal, great ride/effort. Followed your ride, very impressed. Again well done.

  25. Roger Anthony Duffy

    Wow, my hats of to you sir. Well done, you need to do it again to get some pb medals! Lol, joking.

  26. Strava A.

    Brilliant ride Idai!

  27. Colin C.

    Well done!

  28. James G.

    Wow! Well done. Huge achievement.

  29. "EGO-Maniac" Idai Makaya

    Thanks guys for the kind words. This ride already feels like a lifetime ago! Here's a link to a film of the ride: https://youtu.be/9WkLhciVWzk

  30. Anissa ".

    What an amazing adventure! Double high fives to you on such a Phenomenal ride, Idai!! ;-)

  31. "EGO-Maniac" Idai Makaya

    Thanks Anissa.

  32. "EGO-Maniac" Idai Makaya

    There's now also a written report on my ride across Britain on this link: http://idaimakaya.com/lejog-the-ride-across-britain/