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Cockscomb Mountain

Run June 1, 2016
  • 14.8km
  • 1,422m
  • 3:14:51
    Moving Time
  • 13:05/km
    Avg Pace
  • 2,169
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  1. Oleg T.

    I did not even know of this peak.

  2. Alpine C.

    Nice elk!

  3. Yoga B.

    I was going to look this one up , was it one of the 4 easy ones. Where is it

  4. Yoga B.

    Great pics!!

  5. Andrew Couzens

    Keepin it wild!!

  6. Matt N.

    What sort of temperatures are you out in at the moment?

  7. Jamie Junker

    It's not very popular Oleg! Probably because of the approach :)

  8. Jamie Junker

    It was a beaut Alpine! Lucky to see it

  9. Jamie Junker

    Thanks Lori! It's on the Bow Valley Parkway inbetween Cory and Ishbel. It's easy in terms of scrambling but hard in terms of terrain ha ha, not many runable parts

  10. Bert B

    Some nice pictures there Jamie!

  11. Jamie Junker

    Thanks Bertinator! Nice work on 3 point! Another massive summit year for you in the making

  12. Bert B

    I have some pretty big goals for the next two years. :)