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Them: "Hey Ted, go pull the peloton for four hours in Stage 4 of Tour de Suisse." Me: "Okay"

  • 113.2mi
  • 5,747ft
  • 4:32:49
    Moving Time
  • 162
  • 140
    Suffer Score


  1. Jon Labok

    time for a new HRM

  2. Mike Howard


  3. Dennis Davidson

    Just another day at the office.

  4. Taylor Skinney

    Yeah, total badass!

  5. Kevin Leger

    Like a Boss!

  6. Nate Katz

    Nice recovery after the wreck yesterday!

  7. Dave M.
    Dave M.

    Sign of someone ready to ride the Tour :-)

  8. Michael F.
    Michael F.

    Nice pull!

  9. stevie .

    i wish i had your job. no wait - i wish i could do your job

  10. X Xx | Dan   The Shredded Beast   Turner N.
    X Xx | Dan The Shredded Beast Turner N.

    You are a real team player.

  11. Anthony P.
    Anthony P.

    Earn a paycheck would ya... ;)

  12. Mickey K.
    Mickey K.

    Nice ride Ted - keep on truckin!

  13. Schneider Pants

    Ted: "Put me on the TdF squad, thanks." Them: "Sure Ted, you're the man."

  14. Patrick Cushing

    Lazy bones! Crash yesterday, pull today. What's the big deal? Hopefully punching your ticket to France next month. Nice work Ted.

  15. David Vasta

    "Hey Ted, see you in Paris!"

  16. Tommy Segoro

    How on earth did you do 40kmh on a climb? Well done for the ride.

  17. Mark Stiefel

    Go Ted!!!!

  18. Jason Kraus

    You bad to the bone, Ted!

  19. Bruce M.
    Bruce M.


  20. Ivan T.
    Ivan T.

    Go Ted!

  21. Chris Mason

    Über Ted

  22. Dennis Davidson

    Wait...Edward? No wonder I couldn't find you.

  23. Bruce Martin


  24. Peter R.
    Peter R.

    awesome job...did you even break a sweat?

  25. Alex Corrion

    Zero KJs burned, you better not eat!

  26. Ryan R.
    Ryan R.

    We're proud of you.
    Keep up the efforts!

  27. Ben L.
    Ben L.

    Part of why we don't have a pro contract and you guys do. Good Job.

  28. Ross W.
    Ross W.

    Where's the power numbers? That DS is a dick if he won't let you put the power numbers up.

  29. Stephen Snuggler

    It's not just an adventure, it's a job ;-)

  30. Joshua Cole

    Wow dude, props! That's an epic effort.

  31. Josh K.
    Josh K.

    Right on!!!

  32. Mark Brodis

    ...it'll be fun they said... :) Nice work!

  33. Spencer Moss

    Nice work, TDF100 here you come !

  34. Matt "The Ape" H.
    Matt "The Ape" H.

    27 mph up a 2 mile 7% grade...not bad!

  35. Ab C.
    Ab C.

    that average heart rate ! only when i'm on a recovery ride !

  36. Jay Batson


  37. Anthony Roach

    If Ted is not picked for the TdF team, I'll sell my Cannondale and boycott them forever!

  38. Jeff Rigby

    Nice !

  39. Chris Heimerl

    That's hilarious!

  40. Marcus Elliott

    Who's the daddy!

  41. Andy A.
    Andy A.

    Strava suffer score says: "Tough" - glad they could chime in! Good work man!

  42. Brent Sears

    Ted, you are the man! I hope you had a quick look-see around Interlaken, this is one of the most beautiful place on Earth..

  43. Eric L.
    Eric L.

    Strong Work.

  44. 쟌폴 죠스

    Okay = crushed it. As understated as a top tier pro hitman.