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OLH (solo)

  • 4.1mi
  • 1,379ft
  • 20:52
    Moving Time
  • 401


  1. Jeong Kim 김.
    Jeong Kim 김.

    Well done, sir. Well done.

  2. Clark F.
    Clark Foy

    Yeah, Baby! Blue Line tonight!

  3. Mark J.
    Mark J.


  4. S R.
    S R.

    Yeah buddy! Start filing down your fork and chainstays and you'll get that time down further!

  5. Tim C.
    Tim C.

    U got it !!!

  6. Kenneth S.
    Kenneth S.

    Thanks everyone. Pizza and beer is definitely on the menu tonight!

  7. Andrew A.
    Andrew Adelman

    CRAZY FAST-Huge accomplishment. To then torture the NR after this is amazing. Nice riding to say the least!

  8. Jb V.
    JB Vowell

    UNREAL. That is an amazing feat. Congrats on such a hard effort on OLH.....and then going straight to hurt us on Double Alpine. We're not worthy!

  9. Tom R.
    Tom R.

    Is THAT what I gotta do for pizza and beer?? Way to go Ken!!

  10. Carl N.
    Carl Nielson

    Big congrats, Ken! Nice spot on those leaderboards.

  11. Giuseppe E.
    Giuseppe E.

    Huge effort Ken!! you can have pizza every day and you will get the KOM!!