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Holy Bike Ride Batman

  • 205.0km
  • 6,542m
  • 7:03:10
    Moving Time
  • 8,537


  1. Dean M.
    Dean M.

    Come on Taylor....you really need to climb more than that.

  2. Nathan T.
    Nathan T.

    Wow. That looks a beastly ride.

  3. Tony Johnson

    What? That's a greater elevation gain than Denali! Jaw dropping. Would love to know your nutrition strategy for an epic like that?

  4. Brian Stiewing


  5. Seamus Yore

    Incredible climbing ! 2 HC 3 1st cats and 3 2nd cats oh and s few 3rd cat climbs :-) Well done young man

  6. Ryan Pace

    Beyond EPIC! Nice ride. Are you coming back to do the Tour of Utah this year?

  7. Michael C.
    Michael C.

    7 hours at an average of 300W? 2 hours total above 450W?


    You sir are not "normal"; but you know that already, right :-)

  8. Neela Jacques

    I love the power distribution...Taylor was either on (>450 W) or off, basically nothing in between. Talor, I'm guessing this is your way of saying F U to people keeping you out of races.

  9. Taylor Phinney

    Guys! Love the comments...

    Tony - I ate 6 mini paninos with things like nutella, peanut butter, honey, cream cheese, and jam (some mixed together) all that I prepared the night before. As well as 4 'flauti' which are basically Italian Twinkies but healthier, and then 2 honey stinger gels in the last hour to keep me going! Up in the mountains water fountains are very easy to find and I brought a ziploc baggy full of Secret Drink Mix (aka http://www.skratchlabs.com/) to keep the electrolytes FLOWING. A lotta love went into this bike ride!

    Ryan - I wish!

  10. Marvyn Hortman

    25% of the strava challenge in one ride! dang son! way to swing for the fences

  11. Neal R.
    Neal R.


  12. P. Kelly

    Taylor you rock! I want to thank you for letting us "normal" cyclists follow a pro's ride and learn the tricks and tips you guys do to survive a ride like that...such as what you eat and drink during a ride and the night before, it is a very interesting and informative for us!!! thanks man.........

  13. P. Kelly

    also...was this ride a "team" ride or a personal ride of yours? How often do you guys have "team" rides or do you do most of your training solo?

  14. norbs (Todd Norbury)

    We have a new NPCCI record as well!


    151! Hell of a ride.

  15. Mike Souza

    21,465 ft! Incredible ride! That's why you are the pro and we are ditch diggers. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Tony Johnson

    Thank so much for the info, I gotta get me some paninos and flauti! And a new pair of legs!

  17. Sam @ Yarra Valley Manor

    Awesome ride!!!

    However, the climbing numbers are hugely exaggerated, Garmin Forerunners have a history of giving way more on the climbing scale than what is actually ridden.

  18. Derek H.
    Derek H.


  19. Stash H.
    Stash H.

    Incredible riding!

  20. Andrew Blair

    How you manage to do that elevation and not get cramps is awesome....8500+ calories! WOW

  21. Bob Summers Ⓥ

    I'll thank you to turn the GPS off next time you're in Pais Vasco ;-)

  22. Strava A.
    Strava A.

    Taylor, I live in Italy. Have you found skratchlabs here or do you get it from the US.

  23. Joseph S.
    Joseph S.

    That elevation is WRONG! It's appears to have doubled. 10,700 feet is still alot but all the power and calories values will be wrong too.

  24. Rob B.
    Rob B.

    I can hold 315 watts for a about 5 minutes before I am ready to throw up

  25. Ed B.
    Ed B.

    wOw ! getting ready for TdF ? Beautiful place to go to work...

  26. Tamar T.
    Tamar T.

    Monster ride. Kudos.

  27. Ed B.
    Ed B.

    Was this a solo or team ride ?

  28. Bob Jones

    Here's what a Forerunner can do for your elevation ego. Here's an example of a ride on Monday afternoon done by Ben King http://app.strava.com/rides/6109993 (7,799ft - Edge 500) and Marco Pinotti http://app.strava.com/rides/6098658 (10,987ft - Forerunner)
    Not quite so HOLY BIKE RIDE BATMAN then.

  29. Tom Fletcher

    lets see you ride that much elevarion and then you can critisize