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  • 544.9km
  • 6,540m
  • 19:49:16
    Moving Time
  • 12,972
  • 479
    Suffer Score


  1. Colin E.
    Colin Edwards

    Wow! Well done both!

  2. John William G.
  3. Kieran C.
    Kieran Caulfield

    WELL DONE mate - top piece of riding and an incredible achievement.

  4. John H.
    John H.

    Lol, this is the dream. Awesome work!! When are you going to do the length of the country then? :)

  5. John H.
    John H.

    Also, I like how you did it the hard way around.. finishing with the mountains lol. That's gotta hurt.

  6. James (Hells) B.
    James (Hells) B.

    @John only thing that hurt was the f ing backpacks lol

  7. John H.
    John H.

    @james yes, that was the real crazy bit. I can't imagine carrying stuff that far on my back. I have a post pack now which is great, would definitely recommend one as pretty aero too

  8. Gauthier (.
    Gauthier (.


  9. David S.
    David S.

    This is actually EPIC well done. What did you use to keep your garmin alive?

  10. James (Hells) B.
    James (Hells) B.

    portable power packs, in the frame bag, charge on the go.

  11. David S.
    David S.

    Nice, i used a small cylinder one for my everesting but i don't know how much juice it gave (only a 18650 battery, used a garmin 500)

  12. David S.
    David S.

    Any reason you didn't make Aberystwyth the finish?

  13. James (Hells) B.
    James (Hells) B.

    Yep, wasn't planning on doing so. We rode back to Ludlow the next day.

  14. George M.
  15. David S.
    David S.

    Race across the UK, I love it. RAUK

  16. James (Hells) B.
    James (Hells) B.

    ......and back

  17. David D.
    David D.

    That is nuks.

  18. Rob P.
    Rob Packham

    Hey - some ride - Chapeau - inspiring.