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José Areta

Oslo, Oslo, Australia
  • 11
  • 351.4
    kilometers Ridden
  • 103

Tryvann PB attempt

Ride June 8, 2016
  • 33.1km
  • 820m
  • 1:23:14
    Moving Time
  • 1,005
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  1. Oddvar K.

    Congrat. That's a great time with the current wind conditions!

  2. José Areta

    Thanks! Power was good (5.62 W/kg), but as you said it was very windy so it could have been a sub-15' otherwise. Bittersweet taste. The good thing is that it only makes me want to improve (despite weather conditions).

  3. Oddvar K.

    Soon you will reach sub 15!

  4. José Areta

    Yes, with the same W/kg in wind-neutral conditions the time should in theory be ~14'42''

  5. Oddvar K.

    With some tailwind you will be sub 1430!

  6. Erik B

    Very good time under those conditions, next time check the wind on yr.no! :-) For sure you'll make below 14:30 with some good tailwind as Oddvar said (not to put any pressure on you, hehe!)

  7. José Areta

    Thanks! We'll see tomorrow if the day is not too hectic at work I might give it another shot.

  8. Erik B

    If you'll manage that I'll take off my helmet for you - good luck!