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Holy Ronde Van Vlaaaanderen, Batman!

  • 164.2mi
  • 6,229ft
  • 6:31:11
    Moving Time
  • 333
    Suffer Score


  1. Greg Gibson

    Saw a nice picture of you on VeloNews!

  2. Mark Blacknell

    Thanks for posting this, Ted. Brilliant.

  3. Brian Honsinger

    Dude... duuuuuuuude

  4. Milian B.
    Milian B.

    I wonder what Boonen' s suffer score was...

  5. Wes Sovis

    Amazing, Ted. You are one hell of a cyclist.

  6. Chuck B.
    Chuck B.

    We watched you training in Santa Barbara back in December on Strava ... wondering what was in your future. WOW, you are a major inspiration to us, Ted. Go Team Liquigas and may your season continue to be just the best!!

  7. Oleg ★ Descenders

    saw you on TV (NBC Universal Sports) this morning!

  8. P. Kelly

    did you knock Fabian over! Just kidding, great race!

  9. Midland ..
    Midland ..

    Good work soldier!

  10. Super F.
    Super F.

    Saw you on Sporza feed just after flag dropped. RESPECT!

  11. Julian Cousins

    Your man Sagan wasn't too far away was he? Next week maybe????

  12. Isaac Sheets

    Nice race Mr. King!

  13. Hector R.
    Hector R.

    Hi Ted! I was at Flanders cheering for you pretty loud on your last trip up the Paterberg section! I have a pretty good picture of you from the first climb up the Paterberg also. I don't know if you get pics from a pro photographer but if you'd like mine just let me know. Those cobbles are tough...Great job today!

  14. Greg Gibson

    Ted - http://velonews.competitor.com/2012/04/gallery/graham-watson-gallery-2012-tour-of-flanders_211729/attachment/tour-of-flanders-27

  15. James Slauson

    You are officially the KoB (King of Belgium!!)

  16. Larry H.
    Larry H.

    great title!!
    fun watching the team do well!

  17. Matthew Sessions

    164m in 6.5 hours with an average HR of about 150 or so. My Ironman bike goal for 112m is 6.5 hours. Wow - nice work!

  18. John D.
    John D.

    Ted, Congrat's to yr self and the team. Inspirational riding in a very tough race. Peter's effort in the last Km's was amazing. Well done! May i ask , what basic set up changes (if any) were made to yr bike? Cheers Ted

  19. Ted King

    Sure thing Hector. Shoot me an email at heistedking at gmail. Cyclists are vain and we enjoy looking at ourselves. Thanks.

  20. Dave Paff

    Amazing. Ted. You are two hells of a cyclist.

  21. Johnatan W.
    Johnatan W.

    Hi Ted- was out cheering on the course- great effort and Sagan really gave it a good try. If you heard a loud 'Go Teddy!!!' shout on the sharp right turn into the bottom of the Koppenberg, that was me! you looked like a man on the rack, stretched, which is what the ronde is all about. I will try and chuck you the footage
    on gmail. Good effort sir, Chapeau indeed

  22. Jeff Friend

    That is alot of Mighty Maple peanut butter Ted. Better reload.

  23. norbs (Todd Norbury)

    It says uploaded with a Garmin Edge 500. Was it in your jersey pocket Ted?

  24. Jeff Lloyd

    Just heard your interview with the two Johns (Listening to 2010 shows), very informative! Good job at Flanders, must have been a painful yet exhilarating experience to say the least!

  25. Rick Adams

    Ted -- thanks for the details on Strava. Enough for me to write about