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Well shucks, we may as well win the danged thing, eh?

  • 183.0km
  • 1,587m
  • 4:46:30
    Moving Time
  • 2,330
  • 106
    Suffer Score


  1. Jp B.
    Jp B.

    Rocking the front in the finale. Great work.

  2. Yuval T.
    Yuval Tal

    This is the first tome I noticed something like this: avg. heartrate: 116 bpm. Just... wow.

  3. Jon L.
    Jon Labok

    his HRM is dying.. it's not accurate

  4. Matt  C.
    Matt Celek

    Looks like his Heart rate wasn't working. Looks like the power goes in and out also. Who knows.

  5. Yuval T.
    Yuval Tal

    Damn. I thought he was some kind superhero for a short time. :(

  6. Matt  C.
    Matt Celek

    Well who knows! He could have averaged this heart rate if he sat in most of the race. These guys are something else.

  7. Jon L.
    Jon Labok

    well, nobody said he wasn't...

  8. Mike V.
    Mike V.

    Bottom line....he's kicking ars....fellow white mountain rider

  9. George R.
    George Rodgers

    Awesome race congrats! & thanks for posting :)

  10. Jeff B.
    Jeff Butterfield

    That was a huge pull towards the end. What was it you shouted to your teammates as you handed the point off to them?

  11. Daniel C.
    Daniel Connelly

    It's incredible you post these rides here: it really provides wonderful insight your races. Interesting you seem to have had SRM data loss during much of last 3 hours.

  12. Ted K.
    Ted King

    When we're near the TV motorcycle or the helicopter is above us, it interferes with SRM data.

  13. Peter Brizzy B.
    Peter Brizzy B.

    good work Ted.

  14. Ken M.
    Ken McGuinness

    Congratulations on making the Tour team. Well deserved. I'm in Lee this weekend- going for a ride!!!

  15. Sebastian Z.
    Sebastian Zdyb

    Can't wait for your Tour strava numbers!!!! You Rock!

  16. David G.
    David G.

    i will add to the congratulations on making tour team. this (you) and your fellow Pros who are open about rides, data, brilliant for us mortals and gets you all so much respect. well i think so anyway. Cant wait for The Tour even more now. Slightly dissappointed about Sir Wiggo not beign there, but looking at all your strava data - if posted - will be real interesting given pros views on that theres the Tour and then theres everything else...

  17. Leo R.
    Leo Romanovsky


  18. Brian R.
    Brian R.

    Amazing! Nice work Ted.

  19. Mike T.
    Mike Trudell

    BOOM, TDF!!! Good Luck Ted.

  20. Chris H.
    Chris H.

    Congrats on going to the Tour this year!!!

  21. Ryan H.
    Ryan Hamilton

    Can't wait to see you in the Tour! Well done on making the team. Best of luck in the race!

  22. Ryan P.
    Ryan Pace

    You Rock Ted!


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