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06/15/2013 2d Eric's 3D Ride

  • 68.6mi
  • 10,616ft
  • 4:24:40
    Moving Time
  • 4,195
  • 83
    Suffer Score


  1. Chris Evans

    accomplished my goal by the skin of my teeth. And I did it without tubulars, solo, and carrying my own food and tube and stuff for the 2nd climb.

    south gate 51:27
    north gate 66 (recovery first half)
    south gate 59:33

  2. Mark K.

    Loks like you are hitting some serious form Chris

  3. Mark J.

    Awesome time!

  4. James P.

    Good job Chris. You were still strong your third time up. Good luck at the Diablo TT.

  5. Chris Evans

    Thanks. Kind of wish the TOC guys would get their own thing and let me be on the first page. I needed a powerbottle or two to get to 50.

  6. Curtis Corlew


  7. Curtis Corlew

    The TOC guys rode in a group with team cars. Wimps. You are on my first page.

  8. Brian Schuster

    Insane. Congrats on your goal.

  9. Jason Milliron

    Damn! Wonder if you could move up to the first page with a lighter setup.

  10. Chris Evans

    the first page is mostly diablo challenge/toc group rides. weenie 2 lbs off the bike with tubulars, etc, and give me a group to ride in...

    Watch out Ted King! :P