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Lake Elizabeth RR - 8th

  • 54.6mi
  • 5,092ft
  • 3:01:23
    Moving Time
  • 2,580


  1. Chiclet ..

    nice! didn't think you'd come out being that it was soo hot n windy by the afternoon

  2. David Silverander

    Hey, a little breeze (or gale or whatever) isn't going to keep me at home! How'd it go for you? Maybe not the kindest intro to road racing...

  3. Chiclet ..

    It was actually a fun race ! I wish i had gone with my instinct to just break away at the first climb- but being my first race/course- i didnt want to be that nube tool bag that tries to send it from the get-go and then pops half climb/ just was trying to see why the women were going slow.. Like there was a bigger climb waiting ahead- but there never was- we were already on top and it was at a talking pace- then they sent it on the descent - caught me by surprise- managed to catch up to 3rd girl who had broken away on the second round and we dropped her by the end- strategy strategy...!

  4. David Silverander

    Nice work, Kim. Glad you had fun