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Mt Evans Ascent - 6th overall female :)

  • 14.2mi
  • 3,558ft
  • 2:24:33
    Moving Time
  • 10:07/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 1,551


  1. Dave C.
    Dave Caldwell


  2. Dawn S.
    Dawn S.

    Just crazy splits for that race. Congrats and great job!!

  3. Jeff D.
    Jeff D.

    Looks absolutely BRUTAL!!! Very nice job!

  4. Kristin R.
    Kristin R.

    Thanks!! I had an uphill stitch today that plagued me but it is what it is, such a challenging race in so many ways. But overall race was "enjoyable", if you like that sorta thing! :)

  5. Kevin B.
    Kevin Baker

    Very impressive splits, Kristin! That is such a brutal race. What race is on the agenda next?

  6. Hannah B.
    Hannah Briggs

    Awesome job, Kristin!! Way to pull it off with a cramp, too!

  7. Meredith R.
    Meredith R.

    Way to go, girl!

  8. Kristin R.
    Kristin R.

    Thanks Kevin! Targeting the Barr Trail Mountain Race and Pikes Peak Ascent :)

  9. Kristin R.
    Kristin R.

    Thanks Hannah! I'm used to getting stitches on the downhills but not going uphill, just one of those days! :)

  10. Kristin R.
    Kristin R.

    Thanks Meredith :)

  11. Kimberly H.
    Kimberly H

    Great run today Kristin!! It was also great meeting you!!

  12. Kristin R.
    Kristin R.

    Thanks Kim! Great meeting you as well, maybe I'll see you at another race!

  13. Lisa W.
    Lisa Wenderoth

    Great job. I want to do this next year

  14. Kristin R.
    Kristin R.

    Lisa, you totally should, its a great race :) Very scenic but challenging!

  15. Mark E.
    Mark E.

    Congrats Kristin!

  16. Kristin R.
    Kristin R.

    Thanks Mark!

  17. Matt N.
    Matt Nicoletti

    Wow! Great job! My XC coach ran, too -- I think he's part mountain goat and you beat him by five minutes, so that's VERY impressive!

  18. Kristin R.
    Kristin R.

    Thanks Matt! Definitely gotta channel the inner mountain goat during these races!