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Salomon trail Wales Marathon 2016

  • 42.2km
  • 1,169m
  • 4:50:40
    Moving Time
  • 6:57/km
    Avg Pace
  • 2,976


  1. Sarmad Q.
    Sarmad Qureshi

    Well done. Great pics as well

  2. Aga R.
    Aga Rozanska

    Thank you Sarmad:)

  3. David B.
    David Baker

    Well done, I was running with you towards the end until my legs couldn't keep up with you ha...

  4. Aga R.
    Aga Rozanska

    Thank you David I remember you of course.Well done to you too it was nice race. I was trying to bit my last year time but feild. :(

  5. David B.
    David Baker

    Never mind you can try and beat it next year :)

  6. Michał L.
    Michał Leśniak


  7. Aga R.
    Aga Rozanska

    Dziękuję Michał może kiedyś przebiegnie te wszystkie gorki na raz ;)

  8. Daniel C.
    Daniel C.

    Aga that looks awesome and a great time, bloody hell their were some hills. Great run and amazing time what ever you think.

  9. Daniel C.
    Daniel C.

    Or even there were sime hills ;)

  10. Fiona P.
    Fiona Park

    Fantastic trail run result!

  11. Aga R.
    Aga Rozanska

    Thank you Fiona and Dan.There is always next time to emprove :)

  12. Rachael P.
    Rachael Pixie

    I've loved seeing everyone's mile 21!! It was a toughen lol

  13. Dave S.
    Dave S.

    See you next year? ;)

  14. Aga R.
    Aga Rozanska

    I am not sure as this year was my 2nd time.I think I would like to tray lakelands races.But I am doing Scott Snowdonia trail Marathon 24th July if you fancy ;)

  15. Dave S.
    Dave S.

    That's my next race!!! ;)

  16. Aga R.
    Aga Rozanska

    See you there then :)

  17. Dave S.
    Dave S.

    Are you doing full too? I'll need pushing up this one and a pint at the end.....!

  18. Aga R.
    Aga Rozanska

    Ehh I think there is only full option which means 46km acording to others strava from last year :p.This will be my last long run before my OCC 33miler ultra in Chamonix France in August.But before CSTM A week before I will be in running camp in Poland

  19. Aga R.
    Aga Rozanska

    During a week we supposed to do 150km in Mountains.

  20. Dave S.
    Dave S.

    omg your mad! Brilliant