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Victorville Road Race, Another wrong place at the wrong time crash.

  • 42.0mi
  • 1,152ft
  • 1:47:39
    Moving Time
  • 1,562
  • 216
    Relative Effort


  1. Edwin Caceres

    Looks like you were killin it till you crashed....hope you are ok.

  2. Christian I.

    I hope all is ok, perfect timing for a move like that. Well heal up and see you out there.

  3. Luis Toro

    Crashing chupa

  4. JImZoltan Williamson

    Good you still finished. You were in great position

  5. Jake the PHattest Guy On-Impact Racing

    Skin will heal but kits are expensive! Bummer

  6. Daniel C.

    Great attacks out there! i'm bummed you went out like that cause you would have been in contention.

  7. Joshua Sparks

    I'm good. Just sore. Crashing seems to be the theme of the season. Bike racing is a son of a bitch.