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Victorville RR Pro 1/2. 4th place. In the money :)

Ride June 18, 2016
  • 83.6mi
  • 2,477ft
  • 3:37:59
    Moving Time
  • 2,931
  • 180
    Relative Effort
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  1. Mike Green S.

    Nice job bro!! How was the heat?

  2. Vincent Gonzales

    Dude. Hardest race if ever done

  3. Mike Green S.

    Ugh!!! I can only imagine, 83 miles in 100 degrees can't be easy. Shoot, I'm dreading 15 miles for 40 minutes tomorrow. Lol

  4. Vincent Gonzales

    Lol. Good luck dude

  5. Denise C.

    You're the best

  6. Greg K.

    Nice job.

  7. Owen D.

    Nicely Vince!

  8. Josepi -

    Hell yeah!

  9. Vincent Gonzales

    Thanks guys. It killed me.

  10. Logan Hunter B.

    Nice man!

  11. Aaron M.

    Congrats dude. Well earned.

  12. Jeffrey K.

    Lol the distance on this is absolutely retarded.

  13. J Σ Ғ Ғ R Σ Ψ

    First points as a 2? Congrats man, that was brutal out there. today.

  14. Vincent Gonzales

    Ya that was tough. I might of got some points at chico stage race. Idk.

  15. Brendon Zinke

    Yeah Vince!! Keep that shit up!