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Tour de Blast '16 Climbing St.Helens

  • 84.1mi
  • 9,568ft
  • 7:13:43
    Moving Time
  • 3,441


  1. Brad Fringer

    Well done Hari!

  2. Hariharan Ragunathan

    Thanks Brad!

  3. Tim R.

    It was so great to see you out there. You looked fantastic!

  4. Hariharan Ragunathan

    Thanks Tim, I enjoyed the climb, but was not fast :)

  5. Tim R.

    I used Ride with GPS to look at elevation again. It had me at 9000 give or take and the full route back to the school at just over 10k. The question is who's right? And does it matter? :-)

  6. Hariharan Ragunathan

    Tim - Yes you are right.
    + / - by far this is the longest climb in a ride I have completed. So I am happy :)

  7. Ashay C.

    Awesome Hari!!

  8. Hariharan Ragunathan

    Thanks Ashay

  9. Niranjan Prabhakar

    Wow! This is excellent work! Good going!

  10. Hariharan Ragunathan

    Thanks Ninja!