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Terrible Two

  • 200.4mi
  • 18,455ft
  • 15:44:14
    Moving Time
  • 9,224


  1. Robin Zinsmaster

    I didn't make the 10:00 cutoff, but did make the 11:00. Slow! So this is neither awesome or "badass". It's called slowass!

  2. Scott L.

    Holy smokes! Incredible distance and elevation! It would be a feat just to finish. You're my inspiration Robin!

  3. Radin Ikram


  4. Dave B.

    A brutal ride and you did it all. Never have to do it again!

  5. Jeffrey Durra

    Great effort, regardless of the time.

  6. jady palko

    Great job Robin.

  7. Keith Richards

    Awesome, one of these years I will try that.

  8. Randy Zinsmaster

    Great job little brother and for some reason I knew you would go for it.

  9. Liz Sinna

    Yehhhhhh! Way to go!

  10. Bill Katz

    Hey - you finished. Did you see Joe out on the road?

  11. Mark Mauerhan

    Good work!!!!