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National 24 Hour Challenge (official mileage 447.1)

Ride June 18, 2016
  • 444.9mi
  • 10,476ft
  • 22:56:02
    Moving Time
  • 16,637
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  1. Mike Harris C.

    Nice work! Everything....ok? I just worry about you now....

  2. Paul Linck

    All good down there

  3. David Brunner

    Dude this is insane! How in the world did you do this? Wow, congrats!

  4. Mike Harris C.

    Excellent! And totally badass results! 1st in AG?

  5. Standa ⚡ Komárek

    Great result, well done

  6. Mike Harris C.

    Outstanding! Congrats!

  7. Bruno Nunes MTB

    Muito bom parabens

  8. Lukas Fischer

    Du bist doch total verrückt ;)

  9. Dony Menezes

    Great ride. Total how many hrs

  10. Rico VV


  11. Bruno Sena

    Loucura. Top Parabéns

  12. Oliver R.

    Was für eine krasse Leistung. Hut ab

  13. Eduardo A.

    If the challenge had been made with a smart phone, you would have used extra batteries? I'm asking because I will try Everesting, and as the batteries of Garmin do not last 24 hours, the only solution I found was this.

  14. Paul Linck

    I use a portable USB charger attached to my bike and I charge the Garmin with that. For this one I used an anker Astro 6700 mAh. I attached it to my bike using a quad lock mount but you could use Velcro or tape as well. I can get well over 24 hours on the Garmin when using this.

  15. Eduardo A.

    Thank you! Good words!!!

  16. Ferry van Buijtene

    You are sick! How did your dick look like after 24h in the saddle? Did you wife sucked on it before the shower? Cheers

  17. Noel Lamey

    Top ride

  18. Bret G.

    Wow. BTW, how long did your friend ride with 1 shoe? :-O

  19. Mark Boyer

    Chapeau amazing determination.

  20. Alessandro Monção

    Incredibles miles!!!! Congrats a lot!!!

  21. Maxim K.

    Жжоте, деды! Молодца!

  22. Andrew Lenehan

    Seriously, sleep?