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Night Run

  • 4.4mi
  • 41:11
    Moving Time
  • 9:10/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 0


  1. Michael C.
    Michael Connor

    Must be gutted that you didn't record Emporia and Lebo... All these crappy little uploads, except the actual dates/times which would "exonerate" you...

  2. Rob Y.
    Rob Y.

    just wait for it all to be done

  3. Rob Y.
    Rob Y.

    Emporia is certainly there as is lebo

  4. Michael C.
    Michael Connor

    Why not start with the important ones? Just upload May 18 and June 4/5...

  5. Michael C.
    Michael Connor

    No it's not. No runs between 2:52PM yesterday and this one, 3:53AM the next day... Let's see the one of you going by the car wash. And the one where you got scared of Asher Delmott.

  6. Rob Y.
    Rob Y.

    no problems my friend all will be done and all being un private as we speak - i will be going to eat then i will be back to continue - the video was also proven have you seen the full version of when i come past some minutes later - please see my facebook wall- the mayor of the town owns the garage and released the footage showing me coming past

  7. Michael C.
    Michael Connor

    Yes, so why not release your GPS recording of that? And of your magical 34 mile unsupported desert run to Laughlin?

  8. Michael C.
    Michael Connor

    OK, looking forward to it, thanks.

  9. Michael C.
    Michael Connor

    Mate please change your runs to "Race" - click the wrench icon. That way stats are based on total elapsed time. Right now its just moving time.