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Morning Run

  • 3.5mi
  • 44:30
    Moving Time
  • 12:28/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 0


  1. Michael C.
    Michael Connor

    You can delete comments, part of the data, whatever, the truth has a way of getting out. I really feel sorry for you whichever way this goes - either:

    a) you are the best endurance runner in the world but are completely inept at documenting it fully for all to celebrate and are really selling yourself short; or
    b) you are sitting at home uploading files of sitting in an RV...

    Please have a long good look in the mirror and think this through man. No more of these half-measures of selective posting of data, deleting activities, etc. etc. Grow a pair and make a decision. Let's get either full-on complete TomTom access and get you sponsored to the gills for your amazing accomplishments, or - just admit it and move on with your life. There would be some media, the letsrun crowd would stir briefly then go away, sure you'd lose SKINS, but if you are half as good as this you could still run and get some support for it.

    But continuing on like this is not doing you any good. Best of luck.

  2. Rob Y.
    Rob Y.

    People want to see me enter a 6 day race well;

    I have put my name forward for entry into the Sri Chinmoy Ten and Six Day Races at Flushing Meadows Corona Park, New York in 2017 and into the 6 day event in italy i will let my running in races prove what i can do

  3. Michael C.
    Michael Connor

    Well good for you. But mostly people are interested in whether you RVd across the country or not, and saying you'll do that is nice, but it is a complete redirect and non-answer to the present question...

  4. Michael C.
    Michael Connor

    Will you upload the missing 700 miles in this account? Include cadence data? Lebo/Bannock? Really makes it seem you have something to hide if not... Also change your activities to "race" please.