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Almost Full Moon Mt Eden + Montebello Ass Kicker

  • 22.4mi
  • 2,896ft
  • 1:35:07
    Moving Time
  • 952


  1. Grandpa M.
    Grandpa M.

    Why am I not surprised? ;-)

  2. Steve C.
    Steve C.

    Nice going tonight Rachel! Gave Anton a good run for his money! :D

  3. Kim Son N.
    Kim Son N.

    Great PR on Montebello, Rachel. Have you ever thought of turning pro? :-)

  4. Gregg K.
    Gregg Kang

    I'm not surprised either. Soon you will be QOM on Mt. Eden

  5. David K.
    David K.

    Nice PR collection plus a couple of golds! You must Death Ride.

  6. Kris R.
    Kris Resellmo

    You didn't PR on a couple of segments. You should go back out and take care of that. Great ride! You and Steve were hammering when I saw you on the flat part!

  7. Haam Baak S.
    Haam Baak S.

    Great job Rachel! Hope to see you on the Uncle ride tomorrow.

  8. Rachel H.
    Rachel H.

    Haam-Baak - I totally wish I could join you guys tomorrow but have plans. The ride looks awesome. David still thinking about Death Ride... And Steve yes, wanted to make sure Anton got a good workout on Big M :) was hoping to catch him but didn't quite this time.

  9. Anton V.
    Anton Vynogradenko

    That was tough, constant pressure of people chasing and then Kris passed me like he was going downhill, and even said something... I was only able to respond "yeah"