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Mine over Matter Xterra run

  • 9.1km
  • 39:35
    Moving Time
  • 4:18/km
    Avg Pace
  • 869


  1. Gooder 🇨.

    You crushed it dude! Well done!

  2. Luke Ehgoetz

    Thanks dude. You crushed the whole race!

  3. Brad Reiter

    Super strong run!!

  4. Gooder 🇨.

    Brad - Are you going to join Luke & I in Maui?

  5. Brad Reiter

    It's my 10th wedding anniversary in October. Big trip planned, but probably not to a race if I want to see my 11th anniversary!

  6. Brad Reiter

    Are you and Luke going to snag the Penticton spots for 2017??

  7. Luke Ehgoetz

    Come on Brad. What's more romantic than a trip to Maui. Race is just one day, and really just an experience race and have some fun!! I'm not going to Penticton. If anything I will try for Ironman 70.3 worlds in Chattanooga at Muskoka 70.3