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Diabolical Death March..WOWZERS!! I think it's time to take up golf or bridge!!

  • 126.0mi
  • 15,149ft
  • 8:41:27
    Moving Time
  • 6,625
  • 101
    Relative Effort


  1. Allan C


  2. Tim M.

    Great job Greg. Too bad your heart rate monitor bugged out on you. But that's a 1,000 times better than the Garmin loosing the ride. Especially this one!

  3. Scott Brihn

    Great ride!

  4. Cliff. Hanson.

    That sounds BLOODY TOUGH, congrats ^_^

  5. David Q.

    Wow, and KOM!

  6. Steve Nash

    Wow, nice job Greg!

  7. Rudi Riet

    Very nice, man!

  8. Mark DiPillo

    Awesome Greg!!! That ride is incredible...super impressive that your in the top 15, wow!!!

  9. Katy W.


  10. Shell 8.


  11. Kathy Lewis

    Now that's some serious soldiering. ;) Congrats on a great ride and finish!

  12. Tony Yurko

    Impressive. My first time riding that route was unsupported. That basic ride has been around for a while. Kyle Yost has done a great job.

  13. The EnthusiGator

    I see there are some KOMs and Top 10s. I'm not sure those are deserved since when the road slanted upward to the right, I went backwards to the left!!! Actual ride time was between 8:00 and 8:15.

  14. Christine ~.

    Awesome work Greg!!

  15. Becky R.

    Great ride!

  16. Natalee Gooden Burkard

    Wow! Awesome

  17. Elisa B.

    Nice climbing!

  18. Lesley D.

    look at all that climbing

  19. Curtis A.

    Again, awesome ride! Was looking for you but figured you started ahead and stayed ahead the whole ride!

  20. The EnthusiGator

    Thanks all. It was an adventurous, harder than hard, day. That climb at mile marker 90 about had me ready to spew...who puts a 4 mile climb in right after a rest stop...Kyle Yost of course...the Mastermind.

  21. Lou R.

    Looks like the batteries in your shoe rockets held out today. Nice.

  22. David H.

    Nice work! The guy on the 3 wheeled unicycle was a trip!

  23. Tony Yurko

    That area of western Maryland is a biking and running Mecca.

  24. Clayton $.

    Killlllllerrrr milllllller

  25. Djohara V.

    You beasty beast!!! Kudos!!! (Sooo, more brutal than BWR according to your bud? If no technical dirt sections... ;) )

  26. Josh Strom

    It was great riding with you, you absolutely crushed it, nice work!