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Diabolical Double - probably should have put in a few more miles before this one

Ride June 25, 2016
  • 124.7mi
  • 14,406ft
  • 7:40:51
    Moving Time
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  1. Jason Whitman

    That's a lot of climbing!!

  2. Mark Smolko #WilcoCycleworks

    Welcome back to East coast riding. I've heard that is a brutal ride

  3. The EnthusiGator 🐊

    Nice riding with you. I had the Boulder Orthopedics kit on. I posted some great action shots of you climbing.

  4. Kyle Yost

    14,400 feet? How come you come up with 2,000 feet less than everyone else for this ride?

  5. Tatum Heath

    Beast mode! Impressive Amy

  6. Amy Charity

    It's the Garmin, Kyle. It's been through the wash too many times!

  7. Biker James

    Awesome speech yesterday, really enjoyed hearing your experiences and lessons learned about cycling. You're awesome

  8. Joe Klinedinst

    Thanks for pulling me along to the finish. Nice ride!

  9. Amy Charity

    Really enjoyed meeting so many great people at dinner & on the ride. GCGF is on my list for next year!

  10. eric simon

    Insane climbing!