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Warmup, race, hike, descend, grind

  • 51.7mi
  • 6,050ft
  • 3:46:28
    Moving Time
  • 2,510


  1. glen fraser

    How'd the race go? Good turnout?

  2. Doug Jansen

    Hot! Just put post up. I think there were only 47 pre-reg, some of those don't show, but 57 finishers. That probably meant ~20 registered day of, which was a good thing. They took straw poll at awards to see who would come back again next year. It was virtually unanimous. So I think we'll see Okemo on the calendar in 2017. We need another Lemond or Lance effect to re-stoke the interest in climbing!

  3. David Penney

    solid. the reason climbing is fading is bc HJ is too busy hiking!

  4. W G.

    i only ride bikes uphill because of hill junkie and since he started running so did i.