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WS 100 2016... One to remember.

  • 103.2mi
  • 18,595ft
  • 16:47:46
    Moving Time
  • 9:46/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 14,491


  1. Abdullah Mohammed

    I can't believe that
    good performance

  2. James Fowler

    Congrats, to bad about the wrong turn. NEXT YEAR!

  3. Alistair A.

    Epic run! Power to you and shade to those telling you what 'they would have done'

  4. Martin D.

    Incredible !!

  5. Nigel Robbins

    Awesome run man - you really blasted everyone out of the water! Looks like if you didn't miss the turn off you would have set a CR - the Flyby has you flying all the way until you turned around.

  6. Niko Kovacevic

    Incredible effort!

  7. Alice Baker

    You're the man!!!

  8. Steve Andrews

    What a wild race and a wild swim. Glad you are still alive and awesome that you still finished. Next year, when the temps are cooler, you will lower the record by over an hour!

  9. Aidan Reed

    Legendary dude. I know it probably wasn't what you wanted, but you inspired the entire endurance community. I hope you recover well and come back next year!

  10. Robin Meguire

    "I will come again and conquer you, because as a mountain you cannot grow, but as a human, I can." -Sir Edmund Hillary

  11. Fabrizio C.

    It was all or nothing and you almost did it. Respect

  12. Charlie Potts

    Rivers are the worst! All the best for your recovery and future races!

  13. Brian Deutschendorf

    Yeah, just a "morning run." The most interesting one I've ever followed. Can't wait to see your next race.

  14. Eli Zabielski

    You rock dude. Following live and finding out about the wrong turn was a real bummer. But you raced your effing heart out for 93 miles and it was amazing to watch. Excited for your future in big races.

  15. Devin Murphy

    Amazing work bro!!!!

  16. Stephen Goetz

    You put on a clinic first 93!! Last 7 was all about your character. The mishap didn't break your spirit. Winner!

  17. Mauricio Bahia (FF Sports)

    Amazing!! You are real strong. Congrats from Brazil! :) PS. Life works in mysteriuos ways. o/

  18. Jared N.

    Inspiring Jim!

  19. Nate 6'8" Cain/Absolute Bikes

    I shed a tear for you buddy! Next year!

  20. Mr. Mufasa

    That was an epic effort. Beat the cr by 45 minutes next year man. You're a beast.

  21. Yusrina Bennett

    So amazing. You got a new fan :) am so excited to the the next of your run... your strength and determination was extraordinary. True Champion to me. Congrats :)

  22. James Bakalar

    So proud of you Jim. What you did was amazing and an inspiration to many..

  23. Daniel Metzger

    Epic day dude. Can't wait to hear the story. Huge future ahead for you.

  24. Aaryn Olsson

    What a huge run. Was so excited for you, then so torn up about your misadventure at the end, but watching you run across the line over the live feed really made me smile. I got a chance to watch your interview this morning. Man, I love your attitude!

  25. Bagge Pants

    That was amazing Jim. Live another day!

  26. craig allen

    Followed you all day on Twitter thought you were gonna smash the record... Well done for getting it done despite the disappointment ... That's what makes a great champion

  27. Shubham Rathore

    Hat's off to you Jim! You are the winner :)

  28. Shannon O.

    You put on a clinic! Rest up and can't wait to watch your career!

  29. chris cushing


  30. Andrew L.

    Really bummed for you after such an amazing performance until you got lost. You'll destroy the record next time.

  31. Justin Salamon

    Your training and race was beyond inspiring Jim!heartbreaking about the end, but glad you toughed it out to finish...

  32. Jared Miller Mountain Goat Cyclists

    wow... just wow thats amazing and Im sure first of many for you

  33. Chris Beck (@Gnomishmath)

    Fantastic speed Walmsley! What an effort!

  34. Martin St-Pierre


  35. Aaron Lewis

    Made my saturday pretty interesting. Admired your effort.

  36. Esteban González

    What a day! Just amazing what you did. Huge congrats.

  37. Fu-Pang Hsu

    Hero! Next game is waiting for you champ!

  38. Connor Frisch

    Don't know what more I could say. Just that I agree with every one of these prior comments above^!

  39. Ryan Hampton

    you absolutely crushed it man! So much to be proud of. You laid it all out there. Well done.

  40. Ife Wade

    What an amazing race great finish

  41. Laramie 1.

    Way to gut it out! Life's not about what happens to you, but how you respond. Just a bit of advice someone gave me once :)

  42. Nate Blouin

    winner in my book.

  43. Aaron Kopp

    Kudos, major Kudos my friend.

  44. Julian Weisser 📚

    Much respect for finishing this. You've inspired so many!

  45. Michael Everest Dominguez

    You didn't take the win but instead ran a legendary run, bravo!

  46. Jesse Zentz

    Amazing, Jim!

  47. Michael Braman

    Jim, you lnspire many. A true winner in many a book. I'm proud to say I ran my first ultra in a race you won (red hot 55k) .

  48. Nathaniel B.

    Amazing effort man! You killed it! Just not your day.