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2013 Rapha UK Gentlemen's Race

  • 184.1km
  • 2,508m
  • 6:09:39
    Moving Time
  • 4,555


  1. Chris Z.
    Chris Z.

    Garmin 800 corrupted or truncated my fit file. Any way to get it fixed?

  2. Gavin O.
    Gavin O.

    Where did your team place?

  3. Mr Tim _.
    Mr Tim _.

    From what I can see if you ask / leave the file here the garmin ppl will look at it & try to fix


    Looks like a very northern summer .. :(

  4. Chris Z.
    Chris Z.

    @Tim The inclement weather was *awesome*. One of the best parts of today's ride was the wind, rain and hail.

  5. Chris Z.
    Chris Z.

    @Tim I'll try, but not hopeful. I ended up using Sam's file for upload since mine was corrupted. Missed out on some KOMs. That just means I'll have to do it again.

  6. Chris Z.
    Chris Z.

    @Gavin Rode as substitute rider with the Rapha Continental team. We won by a good margin, but were technically ineligible as a team of 5 riders--the rules called for 6, and one other person was unable to make it and no other last minute substitute could be found. Winning be damned, it was a great day out. Rapha put on a phenomenal event, the countryside to the north and east was absolutely stunning, and it was great to get to know the guys I rode it with. An excellent adventure and a stellar day on the bike. UK riding at its absolute finest.