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22/06/13 LONGEST DAY RUN 2013 - North Somerset, UK

  • 26.3mi
  • 1,318ft
  • 4:19:16
    Moving Time
  • 9:51/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 4,056


  1. Rob J.
    Rob J.

    Great running

  2. Andrew F.
    Andrew Fletcher

    Excellent work Gia, another run from the top drawer :)

  3. Matt R.
    Matt R.


  4. Giacomo S.
    Giacomo Squintani

    Thanks, Guys - I want a recount on the hillage (!), enjoyed it!

  5. Philip K.
    Philip Kelly

    You need to choose a closer chippy! Or find one that delivers

  6. Matt D.
    Matt D.

    Fantastic stuff Gia

  7. Giacomo S.
    Giacomo Squintani

    Where would the fun in that be, Philip? ;-)

  8. Nic W.
    Nic W.

    great effort, gia

  9. Simon W.
    Simon Walkden

    No surprise that 20 got rounded up to a marathon! Well done and thanks for your effort in supporting LDR :)

  10. Johnny L.
    Johnny Logan

    Great one Gia :-)

  11. Mike W.
    Mike Wells

    Brilliant stuff Gia, a great solo #LDRun effort, hope you're rightly chuffed with that.

  12. Giacomo S.
    Giacomo Squintani

    aye Mike, I am... thanks!