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Ultra marathon debut for Longest Day Run.

  • 46.4mi
  • 6,516ft
  • 10:52:39
    Moving Time
  • 14:04/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 8,775


  1. Giacomo Squintani

    Stupendous. Breathtaking. And that's just reading about it. That said, it was probably a breeze to run it..!
    Well done, Simon. Taken any precautions against the Ultra Bug? As name suggests, more dangerous than Normal Running Bug. What's that? Oh, you've signed up for an 80k-er..?

  2. Martin B.


  3. Simon Walkden

    Thanks both. I'm going for my vaccination against the ultra bug tomorrow, Gia, but apparently it only works in 10% of patients. I actually feel pretty good today in the body and incredibly good in the mind!

  4. John Bullard

    Great effort!

  5. Andrew Fletcher

    Excellent stuff once again Simon, I'm sure this experience has opened up your mind to the whole different world of ultra running :)

  6. Wojtek Siodelski

    Amazing Simon, which ultra you are going for this year?

  7. Simon Walkden

    Thanks gents. My eyes have certainly been opened to this new world. Still considering my next move......

  8. Mike Wells

    Fantastic stuff Simon, was great to share some of it with you, a truly stupendous first ultra. Will be great to run together again at HighPeak 40, or whenever your next ultra is!

  9. Alex Loach

    Loved it yesterday. Had a great time and it was excellent running with you all. Thanks

  10. Simon Walkden

    Mike, what's this Highland Fling that you and Trevor keep talking about......? :)

  11. Matthew Would

    Just brilliant Simon, and with a heck of an elevation! Looked like a really great day.

  12. Colin T.

    Superb going Simon. Fling entries open 1st October, I think:-)

  13. Simon Walkden

    Thanks Matt/Col. I think I'm going to have to make sure I justify my ultra runner status and not have this as a one off.

  14. Helen P.

    Amazing simon what a fab route too v jealous of that hillage brilliant. Welcome to the ultra side.

  15. Simon Walkden

    Thanks Helen. I'm enjoying being a member of the ultra running community now having sworn blind this time last year that I would NEVER do one!