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dot lizard

Ventura, CA
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Ojai on business. Packed jersey pockets with ice on the return trip.

Ride June 26, 2016
  • 40.6mi
  • 1,132ft
  • 3:09:52
    Moving Time
  • 804
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  1.  Roger    Lowe
    Roger Lowe

    Have you ever seen goats at the beach before?

  2. dot lizard
    dot lizard

    Nope! But the promenade is apparently a super-fun place to be a goat, those two sure were enjoying it. It was an excellent surprise to see!

  3.  Roger    Lowe
    Roger Lowe

    They do seem to be enjoying themselves. Have a nice week

  4. dot lizard
    dot lizard

    You too!

  5. Danelle B.
    Danelle B.

    That's a great idea for another use of Jersey pockets.

  6. dot lizard
    dot lizard

    Sports bra too. As long as you don't mind looking a little lumpy for awhile, it's soooo refreshing.


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