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Energiewacht Tour stage 3...Ina won!!

  • 151.3km
  • 190m
  • 4:11:15
    Moving Time
  • 2,911


  1. Clara Hughes

    First 111km was the race and the rest is the transfer back to our race home! Ina won the race today we gave her a good lead out. Average speed was about 40kph. And the sun was out in Holland! A miracle!!

  2. Marco Peerdeman

    Oi, it can be nice weather in Holland!! Well done!

  3. Cody Sovis

    Great job, Clara!

  4. Davepool 😎

    Outstanding work! Congrats on the win!

  5. Edward R.
    Edward R.

    All that time on the trainer paid off. Congrats!!!

  6. Derek Rush

    Does Ina ever lose? ; )

  7. Wendy H.
    Wendy H.

    Excellent job.

  8. Cheryl Steffen

    Okay, that's FAST riding! I'm a beginner and live in a hilly area and my average speed is 8mph or 12.87kph...I have some more training to do! Way to go!

  9. Iain Radford

    Great job Clara! I love that you're posting this stuff!

  10. David Turlington

    awesome Clara!! congrats to the team!

  11. Ian Mackie

    Well done, great job!