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Energiewacht Tour stage 3...Ina won!!

  • 151.3km
  • 190m
  • 4:11:15
    Moving Time
  • 2,911


  1. Clara H.
    Clara Hughes

    First 111km was the race and the rest is the transfer back to our race home! Ina won the race today we gave her a good lead out. Average speed was about 40kph. And the sun was out in Holland! A miracle!!

  2. Marco P.
    Marco Peerdeman

    Oi, it can be nice weather in Holland!! Well done!

  3. Cody S.
    Cody Sovis

    Great job, Clara!

  4. David S.
    David Schroeder

    Outstanding work! Congrats on the win!

  5. Edward R.
    Edward R.

    All that time on the trainer paid off. Congrats!!!

  6. Derek R.
    Derek Rush

    Does Ina ever lose? ; )

  7. Wendy H.
    Wendy Horrobin

    Excellent job.

  8. Cheryl S.
    Cheryl Steffen

    Okay, that's FAST riding! I'm a beginner and live in a hilly area and my average speed is 8mph or 12.87kph...I have some more training to do! Way to go!

  9. Iain R.
    Iain Radford

    Great job Clara! I love that you're posting this stuff!

  10. David T.
    David Turlington

    awesome Clara!! congrats to the team!

  11. Ian M.
    Ian Mackie

    Well done, great job!