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06/29/2013 Nice, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France

  • 53.7km
  • 1,038m
  • 1:57:28
    Moving Time
  • 1,584
  • 32
    Suffer Score


  1. Timothy Burgher

    Holy 33 miles of segments!

  2. Scott Kaplan

    Joe..question from a fellow NCVCer..when you're riding what data are you watching on your SRM or Garmin? Obviously power...but are you also watching cadence? Speed? Distance and Time?

  3. Joe Dombrowski

    Generally I am riding for a given amount of time set beforehand. If I'm just riding, and not doing specific efforts, I don't really need to look at anything. For specific interval sessions I will look predominantly at power and HR though sometimes they are cadence specific - I.e. high torque/low cadence efforts or motor pacing.

  4. Scott Kaplan

    Ok.. Thanks for the feedback...was curious, thanks for the insight..

  5. J M.

    Hope to see you leading a team in the TDF some day!

  6. Murphy Davis

    I think your ride today was a bit safer than that stage today, still wish we could see you in le tour! You'll be making waves in the tour gc soon enough though

  7. Murphy Davis

    I'm also glad to see someone else has high hr zones! I have to get to the 190s to really hurt on the mountain bike

  8. J M.

    Will you be watching your team mates in the TDF TT in Nice?

  9. J M.

    Sorry, I forgot you're doing the Tour of Austria-nice 3rd place!!