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Nathan Barnes

Herriman, Utah
  • 0
  • 0
    miles Ridden
  • 160

Suncrest Recovery Ride

Ride July 10, 2016
  • 54.7mi
  • 3,327ft
  • 3:09:08
    Moving Time
  • 1,801
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  1. Taylor E.

    Sub-16 min "recovery" on Suncrest...daaaamn son!

  2. Nathan Barnes

    Beast mode!

  3. Marci Kimball

    Nice!! Top 10!

  4. Simon Parsons

    Crazy fast!

  5. Nathan Barnes

    LoL. I'm going for top 5 on the front side before months end.

  6. Nathan Barnes

    Thx Cam.

  7. Cam Candelaria

    Haha! Good job man!

  8. Scott Mathewson

    Such a spaz! Recovery, ha ha ha..........you keep getting enough rest you be a very good bike rider and the kom......no pressure though.

  9. Scott Mathewson

    Btw so there is no mis-understanding, great job man!

  10. Richard DalCanto

    Now I KNOW there is a motor inside that bike.... ;)

  11. Nathan Barnes

    Yea I was testing it out for the upcoming Ultimate Challenge. Should come in handy.