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Alta Alpina Double Century - 8 Pass Challenge. Now in the bag. Ridden with Adam Kovac and Mitch Blum who both rocked it. Great job everyone. Hardest ride I have ever done. OMG.

  • 198.4mi
  • 21,079ft
  • 14:02:53
    Moving Time
  • 10,836


  1. Jesse R.

    Ouch!!!! That's a huge day! Good on ya'!

  2. Gary Nagle

    Go ride 1.5 miles...quitter.

  3. Rich Staley (Great Basin Bicycles)

    Gary, now that is funny.

  4. Jenifer Root

    You know, if I'd have been riding with you (right!!) you'd have finished with a 14:00:00 moving time :). Congrat's to you all.

  5. Michael Munrow

    Thanks for pulling so much in the beginning of the ride. I agree -- the hardest ride I've done.

  6. Tim Bearer

    Great meeting you, Rich! I wish I had had the opportunity to do the Tahoe Rim Trail, but it was 1) an odd day for hikers only and 2) there were so many cars there, it isn't like I could have crept around folks with a smile and pleasant "Hello's." There were over 40 or 50 vehicles at the trail head. Went to breakfast to King's Beach, as it was my wife's birthday, so that was the right thing to do (Happy wife, Happy life!). Your ride looks like it was a kicker! Congrats for completing it!

  7. Rich Staley (Great Basin Bicycles)

    Michael, I added to the difficulty by breaking a rear wheel spoke, dropping the tension in the rear wheel so the wheel would spin, and disconnecting the rear brake for everything from Carson Pass on. Then got food poisoning at lunch and had the hardest time trying to cross both sides of Ebbetts and even felt worse on Monitor. But thanks a ton for the thanks.

  8. Rich Staley (Great Basin Bicycles)

    Tim, next time you are in the area, let me know. We might just find a ride we can do together, and I will let you know when I am in your neck of the woods.