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04/07/2012 Rapha Women's Prestige with Team Strava in San Francisco, CA

Ride April 7, 2012
  • 114.8mi
  • 8,812ft
  • 7:20:26
    Moving Time
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  1. Glenn Olua

    7:20 in the saddle is a long time...

  2. Jen Wilka

    So fun to run into you yesterday!! Great riding out there, and best of luck in your upcoming races! Glad you got a chance to ride in my new home turf - definitely let me know if you're out here again, and we'll meet up!

  3. Colin "Mr. Giant" S.

    Lea, have a question for you- are you doing most of your training on the road bike? and are you doing LT 100 this year?

  4. lea davison

    Hi Colin, Yes, I would say I do the good majority of training on the road bike...probably 75%. I'm not going to do LT 100 this year because it's an Olympic year.

  5. lea davison

    7:20 is a looooooong time. I've probably spent longer in the chamois...but not actually on the saddle. Whew