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The Alta Alpina 8-Pass Challenge--It put hair on my already hairy chest.

  • 200.3mi
  • 20,354ft
  • 14:46:17
    Moving Time
  • 9,318


  1. Captain L.
    Captain L.


  2. Chris A.
    Chris Archer

    bad ass ride 20K of climbing well done. Thats more climbing then some of those Strava challenge flat landers get in 10,000 miles

  3. Chris A.
    Chris Archer

    too bad no heart rate monitor, would have been interesting to see your suffer score.

  4. Chris C.
    Chris C.

    Chris, I didnt use a HR monitor because I was trying to maximize the battery life in my Garmin. I finished in 16:28 with 13% battery power remaining. I was hoping to finish this ride in 14 to 15 hours, since I rode the "Terrible Two" in 13:44, but the heat (100 degrees), and the altitude (over 100 miles of riding above 7,000 ft) fried my lungs and my brain. I started the ride at full speed, treating it like a race, but at about the 35 mile mark, I realized I was going to have to switch from race mode to survival mode. It is a sad sight seeing grown men trashing their $400 dollar cycling shoes pushing $7,000 bicycles up very long hills because they have absolutely nothing left in them. I was determined to not be one of them!

  5. Mc G.
    Mc G.

    $400 for shoes? Now that's crazy.

  6. Paul P.
    Paul Pisacane

    Chris I rode 84 miles today...it was hard. I don't think I could ride 200 miles in a dream. My friend, you are a serious bad ass!

  7. Glen K.
    Glen K.

    1000 ft. of climbing every ten miles, and his rides are so long that his Garmin device might run out of juice. There's an animal!

  8. William C.
    William C.

    Yer hard as nails brother...

  9. George H.
    George H

    Your a fucking savage, Chris. A stud. A monster. Very impressive.

  10. Robin S.
    Robin S.

    Delirious? Feverish? On the outer realms of reality? What was your mental state when you.......signed up for this madness?

  11. Robin S.
    Robin S.

    Looks like the death ride with blue lakes and foothills thrown in..... Brutal. Did you cry? Much?

  12. Chris C.
    Chris C.

    I may have cried a little, Robin, as I descended endlessly down the backside of Monitor Pass, which was to be the last hill of the day, and realized that I was going to have to turn around and climb right back up it again. It is rated an "HC" climb on Strava. It was ugly. So very fucking ugly. My feet hurt, and I was riding with the straps of my shoes undone. There were shooting pains going from the palms of my hands up through my wrists if I adjusted my position on the handlebars too quickly. My lungs were scorched, and felt like a couple of little Glad sandwich bags. Every pedal stroke past the 160 mile mark brought me closer to a feeling which can best be described as that of a cheap tequila hangover. I was nauseas for the entire end of the ride. I could just barely manage to unclip my shoes at the finish. The real bummer was that they were serving cheeseburgers, among other things, at the end of the ride, and, having just burned over 9,000 calories, I was STARVING. But it was not to be. I took one bite and felt like puking. No din-din for me! I think the nausea was from the heat. There was at least a 5 hour period where my bike thermometer didn't drop below 100 degrees. Me and all the other riders were coated with salty deposits, like the salt creatures from the planet Sodiumus in the original Star Trek series.

  13. Chris A.
    Chris Archer

    umm that doesn't sound very fun

  14. Robin S.
    Robin S.

    Oh Jesus. Did you learn anything about yourself from dredging the depths of your being? Any major casualties?

  15. Chris C.
    Chris C.

    It wasn't fun. It became so hot that all the fun was sucked out of it. I guess you shouldn't sign up for "The World's Toughest Double Century", or the world's toughest anything, for that matter, and expect to have "fun". There were some laughs to be had at the rest stops, sharing gallow's humor with the other psychos. Yesterday I was thinking "200 miles? NEVER AGAIN!", but today, like a woman who has gone through a painful labor, the love of the thing has me thinking maybe I'll do just one more.

  16. Jon G.
    Jon G.

    You are one studly, crazy, son of a bitch. Congrats on hanging tough through the monstrous heat. I bow to thee.

  17. Robin G.
    Robin G.

    Congratulations Chris! Not that you need reminding, but if you do it again (and it's cooler) you could get some PR's! ;D I know, from one Sick Kid to another!

  18. Ray F.
    ray fort

    i've run out of things to say about this sort of accomplishment. it's unimaginable to me to do this. you are insanely strong, Chris.

  19. Ep O.
    Ep O.

    wow! and congrats! and holy shit! and oh-my-god! and nice work! and what-were-you-thinking?! and let's-never-ever ride together again! and I'm glad you lived to tell!

  20. Phil P.
    Phil Price


  21. Robert I.
    Robert Inchausti

    Jeez is right! At this rate the Death Ride is going to be a cake walk, if the temp gods are kind to you, and they should be given all the suffering you've gone through. Good luck on that one.